Matter management and e-billing systems have long been generally adopted and ingrained components, in one way or another, in most mid-to-large-sized corporate law departments.  However, maturity of the technology did not always ensure law departments were using it well.  We’ve observed the gap between technological maturity and the effective use of operational technology begin to close, while the broader range of more scalable, configurable legal technology solutions has made efficient use of ELM solutions easier and more attainable.

That said, legal operations professionals are working ever more diligently—and effectively—to align their processes and objectives to the needs of the businesses they serve. Over the last 12-to-24 months, the legal solutions market for ELM has experienced a dramatic shift: with the rise of legal operations, and the dynamic businesses that drive it, ELM today is a customer-driven market, defined by the broad-based needs and objectives of the businesses legal operations teams partner with, and characterized by significant functional gaps to address those needs in the solutions market.

NEW: Incorporating over 500 hours of industry benchmarking, primary interviews, client references and vendor briefings, the report provides an invaluable resource for General Counsel and Legal Operations Managers to understand the leading trends in corporate legal department management, and the software solutions landscape.

This Hyperion MarketView™ Report is oriented towards the solution needs of corporate legal departments of all sizes that are seeking integrated solutions that include modern capabilities in spend management, collaboration, workflow and advanced analytics.

The focus of this MarketView™ Report includes:

  • Solutions capable of global law department support
  • Integrated solutions that address the needs of Enterprise Legal Management
  • Workflow and advanced process management and automation capabilities
  • Solutions specifically designed to support a collaborative ELM process
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Modern technology approaches and design, particularly in terms of user experience, scalability and security

The over 150-page report provides a detailed review of the broad market for ELM systems, including:

  • Trends in the solution market
  • Key solution components we expect from leading solutions
  • Identification of vendors in the solution area
  • Review and assessment of advanced solution providers
  • Guiding principles for selecting and implementing solutions

Over 20 vendors are covered,  including Advanced Solution coverage for products from doeLegal, BusyLamp, Legal Suite, LexisNexis, Mitratech, Onit, SimpleLegal, Thomson Reuters and Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions.

Purchase of this report includes a 60-minute briefing session.  The briefing session provides an opportunity for your team to meet with our analysts to ask questions and address their particular areas of interest.

Immediate access to the ELM Executive Summary is available!

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